Week Four Clean Keto Meal Plan


As I continue on my journey to lose over 100 pounds, I have found that meal planning is vital. Clean keto has been something that has worked well for me in the past and makes me feel my best, so I am going to be doing weekly meal plans based around what I am eating. You can print off the meal plan calendar and grocery shopping list template to make things easier for you! 

What is clean keto? Well, when I first started keto, I ate a lot of processed meats, cheeses and low carb protein bars & shakes. ‘Clean keto’ is focused around healthy, real foods that nourish my body and help me stay in ketosis. I choose not to track my macros, but pay attention to how my body feels and if I am losing weight. Then I adjust my meal plan accordingly.  

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Here is the meal plan day by day with clickable links to recipes. The printouts are at the end of the post! (Almost every meal in this meal plan is Whole30 compliant or easily customized to be)








Clean Keto Meal Plan Week Four – Print Here

Grocery List – Print Here

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  1. Hi Sarah! I really appreciate that you are sharing your menu, as that is probably the most intimidating part of clean eating for me. I have a couple questions- what do you put on your keto snack plate? What protein powder do you use? I am super interested in trying clean keto so I don’t want to incorporate any dairy, soy, etc that are often found in protein powders. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sam, thank you! And to answer your questions, check out the week two meal plan for a picture of my snack plate. But it is usually salami, avocado, berries & veggies. For my low carb protein shake, I use collagen as the protein base with almond milk, frozen berries and spinach. I hope that helps!

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