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Now that I am expecting my third baby, I feel like I have a grasp on what I need for my postpartum recovery. It can all be a little confusing and overwhelming, so I hope that this helps you feel more prepared. And remember, no postpartum experience is the same, I am just sharing what works for me. Be sure to comment at the end with your favorite essentials!

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Basket on a bed filled with postpartum must haves for mama

One of the things that I like to do is make a basket for the bathroom. Postpartum bleeding and recovery can be pretty tough at first. But there are a few things that make it so much easier. Your hospital will most likely give you some of these products, but I like to buy some too because the bleeding/pain can last weeks or more.

Bleeding & Hygiene:

  • Disposable Underwear & Pads – The hospital will give you large pads and the mesh underwear and these work fine, but I like to buy the disposable underwear (adult diapers). I find they are more comfortable and are more effective with bleeding. And I can get them in a plus-size that fits my body better. I also buy pads in various sizes because you will bleed heavy at first and then it will get lighter.
  • Peri Bottle – After you have your baby, your lady bits will be quite sore. It can hurt to wipe, so most hospitals will also give you a small peri bottle to help you cleanse yourself. I like the one from Frida Mom because the angle of the spout is easier to use. It also comes with a little bag that you can put it in if you need to take it on the go.
  • Cleansing Wipes – I don’t use these right away, when I am so tender. But they are great for when you are home recovering and you still don’t want to use toilet paper.
  • Sitz Bath – I recently found these tablets from Frida Mom and I am so happy to have them on hand. Sitz baths are the perfect way to get clean but also provide comfort. I have also heard good things about this soak from Pure Body Naturals.

Pain Relief:

  • Dermoplast – this spray is amazing! It is cooling and helps relieve the pain. Some hospitals provide some, but like I said, I like to buy extra to have at home too. It is one of my absolute must-haves.
  • Tucks Pads – these little pads also provide relief when you wipe, especially if you develop hemorrhoids (very common).
  • Cooling Pad Liners – these are new to me, they are also from Frida Mom and they go right on top of your pad for a cooling effect.
  • Afterease – After you deliver the baby and the placenta, your uterus still has to get rid of any excess blood and get back to its normal size. To do this, it contracts. And it can hurt. I read that it gets worse with every baby, it was definitely more painful after my second. Every time I breastfed, my contractions would start. I have never tried these Afterease drops, but I have heard amazing things, so I bought them to try.
  • Instant Ice Maxi Pads – These are from Frida Mom as well and I am so excited! You usually get a few from the hospital but then I would make my own for home. Now I have these on hand and let me tell you, they are sooooo nice. It is basically and ice pack for your hoo ha and it helps numb the pain and itchiness so effectively.


I just want to say that there is so much that goes into breastfeeding and making the right decision for you and your baby. I am just sharing these things because I plan on breastfeeding and these items helped me with my first two babies.

  • Nipple Balm – Your nipples can crack and get very sore at first, so a good nipple balm really helps soothe them.
  • Nursing Pads – Boobs leak (a lot) lol. I love to have some disposable pads on hand, but I found these reusable pads that are so soft and absorbent. They can be washed and re-used and they come in an adorable little pack.
  • Comfy Nursing Bras – This is so important, you definitely want to be as comfortable as possible with easy access for the baby. It has been a little hard for me to find really good, supportive plus size options – so leave me some recommendations in the comments if you have them!
  • Comfy Nursing Tanks – I like to wear these tanks around the house and under my robe. They are great to have in the hospital too.
  • Breast Pump – I get a free pump through our insurance, be sure to look into your benefits! With my first two pregnancies, I used a Medela pump and it was good but big. So this time, I am trying a Spectra. I have heard great things and it is much smaller and can run on batteries for easy transport!
  • Haaka – I have never used this, but have heard SO MANY moms rave about it. When you are nursing, it suctions to the other breast and catches any milk let down. This can help build up a freezer supply and no milk goes to waste!
  • Nursing Friendly Clothes/Jammies – Button up jammies are perfect for nursing, so I love to have multiple sets of those.
  • Nursing Pillow – I have always used a Boppy and I have loved it, but I have heard amazing things about My Breast Friend as well. This helps support the baby while you are nursing. My lactation consultant helped me use it to get the baby in the right position for feedings.

Comfort for Mama:

  • Robe – A good cozy robe is so good for nursing! I love to put on some leggings and a nursing tank top and then just wear a robe around the house. I love this soft, plush one from Amazon but I also bought a pretty & lightweight one from PinkBlush (both include plus sizes).
  • Cozy & Soft Blanket – You are going to be spending a lot of time in bed, on the couch, in a recliner with your baby. A good, soft blanket is a great way to make it more comfortable and relaxing. I just bought an amazing one from Costco, but Amazon has tons of options too!
  • Body Butter – This body butter from Primally Pure has been Heaven during this pregnancy and I will continue using it long after. It is so rich and creamy and helps soothe the areas with stretch marks. Use code: TBB to save 10% off your first purchase with Primally Pure
  • Water Bottle – It is so important that you stay hydrated as your body recovers. I love to have a nice big water bottle around me at all times.
  • Lip Balm – My lips are always getting dry and I like to keep a lip balm by me wherever I am nursing the baby. That way it is within reach when I need it.
  • Leggings – Your body goes through lots of phases postpartum. It takes time to fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. I like to have different sizes of leggings for this phase. Some of them are more stretchy and some are compression. The compression ones are nice to help you feel more supported in your tummy area.
  • Slippers – I like to bring slippers to the hospital for labor/delivery and have them at home. They are cozy and keep your feet so warm and comfortable.
  • High Waisted Underwear – You want underwear that fits but is also high-waisted to help support your tummy. These ones from Amazon have tons of positive reviews and come in inclusive sizes.

Food & Snacks:

  • Protein Bars – I love to have both Perfect Bars and RXbars on hand for a quick, protein-packed snack.
  • Smoothies – This is a great way to get a super healthy snack/meal in while breastfeeding.
  • ChompsChomps meat sticks are another great protein packed option to have.
  • Thrive Market – I buy so many of my healthy snacks from Thrive. And it is great for postpartum because it gets delivered right to your front door!
  • Meals – cooking is difficult during this time, I recommend keeping it super simple. Here are some easy options…
    • Bagged Salad with a shredded Rotisserie Chicken
    • Chili – super easy to throw together
    • Takeout Meals – so many places deliver now because of Covid
    • Soups & Stews
    • Casseroles
    • Places like Sam’s Club & Costco have lots of take and bake meal options

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