We’re Pregnant! 8 Week Update


Well, surprise, we are having a baby! This was totally unexpected but we are so very excited. To say it has been a strange pregnancy, would be an understatement. From Coronavirus to passing a kidney stone to severe nausea, it has been a bit of a roller coaster. But I couldn’t be happier to add another little munchkin to the crew.

I thought I would share an 8 week update with you all because I love reading these (even when I’m not pregnant lol).

When did I test?

I thought I had started my period but it ended up only being very light spotting (most likely implantation bleeding) when I realized it wasn’t a normal period, I took a test. I got a super faint line. But I kept testing (I have a habit of peeing on all the sticks lol) so I was able to see a progression of the lines getting darker.



  • The very first symptom was breast tenderness. My boobs freaking hurt! It only really lasted the first few weeks and has evened out.
  • I have also been really tired, which is normal. So, I take naps and rest when I can. My husband has been so great in helping with the kids when he can.
  • And around 7 weeks, INTENSE all day nausea hit and hit hard. It has been rough. I can hardly cook anything and truthfully I can only eat carbs at the moment.
  • I am an emotional person to begin with but man the tears have been flowing! We were watching Sister Act 2 as a family and I literally started sobbing when Lauryn Hill started singing lol. Everything has been making me cry.


I have not had any major cravings yet except for one. I wanted a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese soooo badly. I put in an order at the grocery store but they only had the cream cheese. I was so bummed, but my mom was so sweet and went through the drive-thru at Einstein bagels just to drop me off a blueberry bagel. It was heavenly!

Doctors Appointments:

I am considered high risk because of my weight and because I had two miscarriages before we had Samuel. So they had me come in when I was a little past 6 weeks and we were able to see the baby and that beautiful little heartbeat! My next appointment is at 13 weeks and we will have another ultrasound. The baby will look much more like a baby at that point, and I am so excited.


I am taking a prenatal and I have to take progesterone every night (my progesterone runs really low). My doctor also recommended a combination of Unisom and B6 for nausea, and I just started last night. I’ll let you know if it helps.

I’ll keep the updates coming, let me know if you have any pregnancy questions in the comments below or if you are pregnant too! I am also going to be writing an article about being plus size and pregnant, so let me know if there is anything you would like me to talk about specifically.

Love you all,


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