Whole 30 Halloween – Allergy Friendly Treats

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We went into this family Whole 30 knowing that Halloween was coming up. We talked about it ahead of time and we are letting Abby go trick or treating, but she won’t be eating any non-compliant foods/treats. She can set aside a few of her favorites for afterwards. As for the rest of the candy, our local dentist office lets you trade in your bag of candy for a gift card #winning! With that being said, it doesn’t mean that I can’t make her some fun Whole 30 Halloween treats!

Platter of Whole 30 Halloween treats and pumpkins

Even if you aren’t doing a Whole 30, these healthy Halloween snacks are perfect for any kid! They are not only fun and delicious but they are also allergy friendly. These would be a great option for a school Halloween party.

Candy Corn Fruit Cups

Whole 30 Halloween Treats

  • Candy Corn Fruit Cups

    • Layer pineapple chunks, clementine wedges and banana slices in a clear plastic cups to get the cute candy corn layers!
  • Scary Carrot Stick Fingers

    • Cut the carrots into finger length sticks, at the one end cut it into a point. Add a tiny drop of almond butter (use sun butter if there is a nut allergy) and stick on a slivered almond to look like a fingernail.  For the knuckles, use a small Paring Knife to cut little slits.
  • Bell Pepper Skeleton Dipping Cups

    • Slice the top of the bell pepper off and keep it for a lid. Empty out the insides of the pepper and use a small Paring Knife to cut a skeleton face into one side. Fill it with guacamole to dip veggies and carrot stick fingers into.
  • Apple Almond Butter Skull Sandwiches

    • Slice the apple into rounds and use a small Paring Knife to cut a face into one of the slices. Layer the bottom slice with almond butter (use sun butter if there is a nut allergy) and then place the top layer with the face onto it to make a sandwich!
  • Spiders on a Log

    • Fill a celery stick with almond butter or sun butter. Then take a pitted black olive and slice it in half lengthwise. Put one half onto the celery stick and slice the other half of the olive into strips for the legs.
Scary Carrot Stick Fingers
Whole 30 Halloween Treats

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