What I Eat in a Day – Week Three


Since I have shared that I am continuing on my 100 pound weight loss journey, many of you wanted to know what I eat. So I am showing what a full day of meals looks like for me right now. I am feeling amazing since I started and I hope this will motivate you to find what works for you.

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*Please remember that this is what I am doing for me, it doesn’t mean it is what is right for you. I am not a dietician.

I talk more about my journey and the basics of my diet in this post, So I Gained All the Weight Back, Now What?

What I Eat in a Day for Weight Loss:

Coffee – 6:30 am I drink coffee every morning and I keep it very simple right now. I either use regular brewed coffee or my Nespresso and then I add some frothed Nutpods creamer on top. Nutpods is the only creamer I use, it is delicious and fits into almost any lifestyle (dairy free, Whole30, Paleo, keto) 

Meal One – 11 am For this first meal, I cooked chicken apple sausage with red onions and zucchini. I seasoned with sea salt and pepper flakes. It is super simple but so yummy!

Snack – 1 pm I made a snack plate with sliced cucumbers, a sliced Chomp’s meat stick, grape tomatoes and Simple Mills crackers.

Snack Two – 3 pm -This was so delish! I made a Greek Yogurt dip with tahini and spices. I am going to mess with the recipe some more and will post soon. I served Honey Crisp apples with the dip. It was such a nice treat.

Meal Two – 5 pm I made my Sweet Pepper Nachos with Cilantro Lime Greek Yogurt Sauce. It is a super simple recipe but super flavorful and has the textures I love.

Dessert – 6-7 pm I wasn’t super hungry after dinner so I just had a few berries to curb my sweet tooth.

I am still struggling a bit and I know that part of it has to do with dealing with emotions and stress without food. Food has been my main source of comfort for a long time and it is difficult to walk through tough emotions without it. I am proud of myself though, I fought the urge to binge and I faced my cravings head on without giving in. I know it won’t always go that way, but I want to celebrate every victory.

Last week I lost 3.2 more pounds, bringing my total to 17.2 since March 1st. My goal for the month was to lose 15, so I am very happy with 17.2!! I even get to treat myself to a deluxe pedicure for hitting my goal.

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Thank you for being a part of this journey with me, love you all!

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