What I Eat in a Day – Week One


Since I have shared that I am continuing on my 100 pound weight loss journey, many of you wanted to know what I eat. So I am showing what a full day of meals looks like for me right now. I am feeling amazing since I started and I hope this will motivate you to find what works for you.

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*Please remember that this is what I am doing for me, it doesn’t mean it is what is right for you. I am not a dietician.

I talk more about my journey and the basics of my diet in this post, So I Gained All the Weight Back, Now What?

What I Eat In a Day for Weight Loss

Coffee6:30 am I drink coffee every morning and I keep it very simple right now. I either use regular brewed coffee or my Nespresso and then I add some frothed Nutpods creamer on top. Nutpods is the only creamer I use, it is delicious and fits into almost any lifestyle (dairy free, Whole30, Paleo, keto) Use code thebetteredblondie for 15% off your first order.

Meal One11 am Sometimes I make this a breakfast meal, like I did today, with the eggs and broccolini and sometimes I do a regular lunch. I like to keep it simple and stick to 4 oz of protein and 1-2 cups of green veggies. I cooked both with avocado oil spray and seasoned with sea salt.

Snack1 pm Today I ate half a grapefruit and a Turkey Chomps meat stick. I like the turkey meat stick because it is made from free range turkey and has no added sugars. It is also low in fat. The protein gives me a nice boost to keep me full.

Snack/Light Lunch3 pm Today I ate blackberries, sliced cucumbers, Simple Mills crackers and cottage cheese. This is not a complete meal but it is a larger snack that fuels me until dinner. The cottage cheese is low fat but has lots of protein to keep my energy up. I get fiber from the berries/cucumbers and the crackers are just a nice delicious treat.

Meal Two5 pm This is my favorite meal of the day. I get to sit down, enjoy dinner with my family and I love it. Tonight I made meat sauce with grass fed ground beef and marinara (I use Rao’s, because it has no added sugars) and I stir in hearts of palm noodles. They are my current favorite pasta alternative. They are only one ingredient (hearts of palm) and have the best texture. I season my ‘pasta’ with pepper flakes and serve with a side of broccolini (to get in even more veggies).

Dessert6-7 pm I don’t always eat something after dinner, but sometimes I just want something sweet. Berries and tea are my go-to when I am having cravings at night.

I also try to drink at least 60 oz of water and take all my supplements (I am writing a post on what supplements I take, I’ll share soon). I have also set different daily, weekly and monthly goals that I try to stick to. For example, I set a goal this month to take a 30 minute walk 3x/week. I am down 9.2 pounds after 12 days and feeling great. I will continue to share these to help give you some ideas to use in your own journey.

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