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I discovered some real gems in my most recent Amazon order. These are all things that I am loving and I think you will too. Happy shopping!

  1. Checkerboard Throw Blanket – I have blankets all over my house and this one is top notch. It is so so luxurious and soft. Think Barefoot dreams but way more affordable.
  2. Wrist Towels – I wear these when I am washing my face to keep the water running down my arms and my shirt. Such a genius invention!
  3. Electronic Candle Lighter – I love candles and light them everyday, so this rechargeable electronic lighter is a must have. Plus it is so beautiful 🙂
  4. Hero Mighty Patches – these little patches are a life saver when it comes to pimples. Put it on your whitehead before bed and the next morning it has pulled all the gunk out. It gets rid of zits so quickly and keeps me from picking at my face.
  5. Essential 7/8 Leggings – Affordable buttery soft leggings that don’t show anything and are super supportive, sign me up!
  6. Oversized Crewneck Sweatshirt – I have this super soft crewneck in multiple colors, it is a staple for me. So comfy and perfect with some black leggings.
  7. Drinking Glasses with Bamboo Lid and Glass Straw – the most perfect (and beautiful) glass for your iced coffee. Comes in a pack of four with bamboo lids and glass straws.
  8. Simple Modern 40oz Tumbler – this is my absolute new favorite water cup. It is so beautiful, leak-proof and keeps my water cold all day long!
My new favorite water cup!

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