My Weight Loss Story – with Tips to Help You Too

Most of you have probably come to this page because you want to experience weight loss and you are looking for help or maybe motivation. With that in mind, I want to start off by reminding you that the number on the scale does not define your worth. You are beautiful, worthy, and valuable right now. Weight loss does not equal happiness, you have to find that healing on the inside.

“….the number on the scale does not define your worth. You are beautiful, worthy, and valuable right now. Weight loss does not equal happiness, you have to find that healing on the inside.”

I have tried and failed at almost every diet out there. I have binged, purged, fasted, over-exercised, hidden food, rewarded with food, punished with food etc. You get the picture. My relationship with food has been unhealthy for almost the entirety of my 30 years on this earth.  I had gotten to the point of gaining over 100 pounds since my wedding day.

Self-hatred became my normal, I was covered in shame and shrinking away from the woman that God created me to be. I pushed the people I loved away. I became angry and would lash out at almost everyone. You cannot love others well if you hate yourself.

Last year, I reached a breaking point. So many things/relationships in my life were falling apart and I couldn’t continue living like I was anymore. As I write this I am reminding myself of where I was and I don’t want to go back there again. I have been struggling lately and I want to be open about that because this journey doesn’t go in a straight line. There are peaks and valleys along the way.

I lost 60 lbs last year, most of it came off while I was living a ketogenic lifestyle. The rest was lost after I completed a round of Whole 30. With a lot of trial and error, I have learned that a mostly paleo way of eating is what works best for my body. Does that mean that it is what’s best for you? Not necessarily, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. But I do believe that a diet consisting mostly of whole/natural foods is a good way to start.

My top 5 Health Tips for Weight Loss:

1.) Let go of shame – With all of my heart, I wish I could look all of you right in the eye and tell you to let the shame go, just let it go. You have been carrying this burden on your own shoulders for too long. I know first hand how painful and difficult this can be, but you need to forgive yourself and remember that you are not defined by the mistakes of your past. You are worthy of love and self care.

2.) Find accountability – This has been a vital part of my weight loss journey. I have people in my life that know my deepest struggles. They are people that I can call and talk to without any criticism or condemnation. They are my support system, they lift me up when I feel weak. My Instagram family has become a HUGE part of my success as well, it is truly remarkable to see a community of people come together to love and support each other in their common goals.

3.) Make it a lifestyle change, not a diet – This is hard, at least it was for me. I had been stuck in a ‘diet mentality’ for so long that it’s been a difficult habit to break. It’s okay if you are following a specific plan, but not if you are doing it short term to lose weight and then go right back to your old habits. Find something that you can be consistent with and that you feel good doing. Like I said, it’s taken a lot of trial and error for me to discover that a mostly paleo lifestyle is what is best for me and my family.

4.) Find exercise that you enjoy – I feel so much better when I move my body, and a goal for me this year is to be more consistent with this. It doesn’t have to be something hardcore, but it sure helps if you find something that you actually like doing. I love lifting weights, I feel so strong, sexy and confident when I do it regularly. Find something you love, do it yourself or bring a friend, but just get moving.

5.) Have grace for yourself – Grace! We all need it, daily. We are human beings and life is hard. We will make mistakes and we will fail, but that does not have to define you. Don’t believe the lies that you will never succeed, that you are a failure, that you will always be fat, that you are not worth it, that you are disgusting. These are all lies that I had on repeat in my head for so long, but they kept me right where I was. They paralyzed me. Self hatred keeps you trapped in that cycle, it’s when you have love and grace for yourself, that you will start to break free from that prison.

I have experienced so much healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through this weight loss journey and I desire the same for you. I do believe that this is something that takes time to fully conquer and I am still striving to improve everyday. I encourage you not to give up, there is hope. We are in this together.

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