Clean Keto Meal Plan Week Two

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When it comes to eating healthier, meal planning is just so beneficial. If I have what I need to make easy, healthy and delicious meals, I know that I will be more likely to succeed. My hope is that this meal plan will do just that for you and your family.

To make my life easier, I get almost all of my meat from ButcherBox. It is the best quality and it gets delivered right to my front door. This way I only have to get produce and pantry staples from the grocery store. You can read my Honest ButcherBox Review for more details. 



  • Breakfast – Low Carb Greek Yogurt with Keto Granola (I use Ratio) & Berries
  • Lunch – Low Carb Wrap (low carb tortilla or lettuce wrap with fixings)
  • Snack – Veggies with Ranch
  • Dinner – Healthy Crispy Chicken Cutlets






Clean Keto Meal Plan Week One

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