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One of the questions that I get the most often is “How do I eat healthy on a budget?” As a lot of you know my husband and I are on a mission to pay off all of our debt but we are also adamant about eating healthy. We have personally made the decision to cut back in other areas to have a more flexible grocery budget because that is so important to us. Every family is different and there are also many interpretations of what healthy is. A lot of big companies are beginning to include healthy options at more affordable prices and I am so glad to see the market meeting the demands of the public.

*Please note that some of the pictures contain prices, but these will vary depending on the store location. The product availability will also change depending on where your store is located. 

Produce Section

When it comes to eating healthy on a budget, we pick and choose which products are worth the money for the quality of ingredients. For example, we love Tessemae’s dressing because they use only organic and all natural ingredients. These dressings and marinades are located in the refrigerated section of the fresh produce.

Kombucha is one of my favorite drinks, it is full of gut healthy bacteria and GTS Kombucha does not contain any added sugars. Walmart has the best price that I have seen for these. (PS Cosmic Cranberry is my absolute favorite).

These Made in Nature snacks are fairly new to me, but I am obsessed. They have great ingredients and are a perfect on-the-go option. In my store, these are in the produce section on the dried fruit and nuts display.

I also love to buy medjool dates in this section, they have become my favorite product to sweeten dishes with.


I will be completely honest here, not all the meat that we buy for our family is grass fed or organic, however, we try to. There are not a ton of grass fed options at Walmart but they carry the ones that we buy the most, chicken and ground beef. They also had some great options for local Colorado bison and they had a grass fed beef roast.



These hot dogs are a great choice for the kids because they don’t contain all those horrible by-products that most hot dogs have. They are grass fed and pasture raised.

I wanted to show a product like this prosciutto because it is not organic or grass fed, but it only contains two ingredients (pork and salt). If I can’t afford to buy the best quality, I then look at the ingredients list. You can still find lots of affordable options that don’t have a ton of added crap.

These sausages are one of my favorites for a quick, healthy lunch or breakfast. I just cook them up with some sweet potatoes and greens! Options like these are a perfect way to eat healthy on a budget.

Frozen Section 

I often like to make my own cauliflower rice because it is less expensive and has a better texture but these Green Giant riced veggies and veggie spirals are so convenient! Again, I look at the ingredients list and these only contain the vegetable, that’s it, no extra preservatives.

We love smoothies in our house and this 2lb bag of organic mixed berries is super affordable and lasts us a while.

Bonafide Provisions is my favorite bone broth company and I really like to keep a bag in my freezer for when I make soups or stews. This is not cheap compared to a boxed broth (which I also use) but good quality bone broth has a lot of great nutritional benefits, not to mention, loads of flavor.

Pantry Staples

Good pantry staples are vital for our family when it comes to us being able to eat healthy on a budget. If we have the right ingredients on hand, we can make quick and healthy meals on a regular basis. Rao’s is not the least expensive option, but it is one that we love with very clean ingredients. I love to keep a few jars on hand to use with the veggie spirals and ground beef for a super simple but tasty meal.

This Wild Planet salmon and tuna is a great price for the value of the product. The flavor is so good, I love to make easy salmon cakes out of the canned salmon. The tuna packets are a great way to eat healthy on the go.

Enjoy life chocolate morsels are my absolute favorite dairy free and allergy friendly brand! We use them in chocolate chip cookies, overnight oats or energy bites.

Coconut sugar and raw honey are two of my favorite products to sweeten dishes with. They are both unrefined and unfiltered.

These chia squeeze packs are a great on the go snack for both me and the kids!

Cooking Fats and Oils


Refrigerated Section

I was unable to find any of the almond milk brands that I like but I love this Milkadamia milk so I was happy to see that! There were also multiple organic options for eggs.

I love the Kerrygold butter as is because I can tolerate it just fine, but you can also use it to make your own ghee!

Some of these options are more affordable than others, but I also encourage you to take into consideration the quality of the product. A lot of these brands are more expensive at the more popular ‘health food’ stores. I hope this helps you recognize that it is possible to eat healthy on a budget. You can find a great price on your favorite brands at Walmart!

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