How to Organize Your Pantry

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and mine truly is. Not only is it centrally-located in our ranch home, but it is also where we spend a lot of our time. As a food blogger and mom of three, I need my kitchen and pantry to be as organized as possible. It definitely doesn’t always stay tidy, but I do my best to refresh it often.

When we first moved to Texas, it felt like everything was in disarray. So, after the dust had settled from our big move, I gave our pantry an extreme makeover and decided how I wanted to organize it. This is my first big pantry, and organizing it was truly a dream come true. Today, I’m sharing the process with you.

Where to begin?

It’s important to start your pantry project with a blank slate. So, step one is to remove everything from the pantry. It can feel overwhelming to see it all piled on the counter, but trust me, it helps so much. While the pantry is empty, take time to clean the floor and shelves. I like to sweep and vacuum up crumbs, then use a multi-purpose spray and microfiber cloth to wipe everything down.

finding a layout

Now that the pantry is empty and clean, it’s time to make a game plan. I like to take the empty containers, bins, and baskets and place them on the shelves to find a good layout. Because they are empty, this is your chance to move them as many times as you want until the space feels right. Organizing is definitely a trial-and-error process.

Since moving to the country, we buy in bulk more often. When I was planning the layout of our pantry, I tried to accommodate for areas of backstock. Everyone’s lifestyle and needs are different, so try to think about what will work best for your family. Some of the zones I created were spices, canned goods, baking supplies, snacks, oils, and then a few extra spaces for appliances and backstock.

organizing the food

It’s time to bring the food back in a little at a time. Start with one zone, and rearrange items until they feel right. A few tips – face labels out like at a grocery store, keep snacks and healthy items at the right level for your kids, color-coordinate when possible, and keep spices alphabetical so they can easily be found. I saved clear containers for our most-loved items like goldfish and pasta. This part is really up to you, but there is something that just feels so good about an aesthetically pleasing panty – it’s worth the extra time.

money-saving tips

Special bins and containers aren’t necessary, but they help to highlight and hide things. For example, stacked stairs can help showcase cans and spices, while wicker baskets can conceal bags of chips. Turntables make it easier to see items with a simple spin. Because these helpful organizing items are trending right now, they can be expensive. To avoid spending a lot at once, I starting buying containers over time. I grabbed items on sale for a few months before the big pantry makeover. Costco and Sam’s Club are great places to look, as well as Home Goods and Dollar Tree. I recently saw that The Home Edit has a line of products at Wal-Mart – another great and affordable option.

thoughts on labeling

When it comes to labeling, choose what is most helpful to you. I don’t label much because as a big family, we go through a lot of food and switch things out often. For example, a container used for pasta might be used for rice the next week, so I don’t label it. However, I definitely recommend using a reusable label to put expiration dates on the bottom of bulk items, such as flour, sugar, etc. Without the bag to tell you, the label will help you keep things fresh. Another idea is to cutout the cooking instructions to place on the bottom of a bin or container. They might come in handy for things you don’t cook as often, or for your family to use.

I hope you enjoyed my pantry overhaul, and that inspires you to organize a space in your home.



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