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I am sharing an honest ButcherBox review including what is costs and what you get when you sign up. I will also be answering some of my most FAQ’s to help you decide if it is worth it for you and your family.

What Is ButcherBox?

ButcherBox is a meat delivery service that delivers high quality meat right to your front door. You can get grass-fed & finished beef, free-range organic chicken, wild caught seafood and humanely raised pork. All the meat and seafood is free from both antibiotics and hormones. It gets shipped to you frozen, so you can just thaw as you need it.

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How Does It Work?

When you first sign up, you get to choose what plan will work best for you. You can choose from the curated boxes or custom boxes. Both options come in either the classic size box or the big box. The curated box is pre-selected for you and with the custom box, you select which cuts of meat you want. Here is a breakdown…..

Curated Box (ButcherBox Selects the Meat for You):
  • You Choose Which Box You Want
    • Mixed Box
    • Beef & Chicken Box
    • Beef & Pork Box
    • All Beef Box
  • You Choose the Size Box You Want
    • Classic Box
      • $137 per box
      • 8-11 lbs of meat
      • 24 meals
    • Big Box
      • $238 per box
      • 16-22 lbs of meat
      • 48 meals
Custom Box (You Select the Cuts of Meat You Want):
  • You Choose the Size Box You Want
    • Classic Box
      • $159 per box
      • 9-14 lbs of meat
      • 30 meals
    • Big Box
      • $270 per box
      • 18-26 lbs of meat
      • 60 meals

I have been a customer of ButcherBox for over two years now and I go with the classic custom box for our family. Because I am constantly developing recipes, I need to be able to select which cuts of meat I need for that month. ButcherBox also has tons of member deals that you can add on to any order. I almost always add one to my box. For example, they have a chicken breast bundle (9 lbs) for $64 or 10 lbs of ground beef for $60. I like to add one of these every so often because my family of 5 goes through a lot of meat! PS shipping is free!

Is Butcherbox Worth It?

This is going to vary from family to family. It really depends on your lifestyle. If you have been following me for a while, you know that we worked really hard to pay off debt and start saving for our dream home. During this time, we couldn’t afford a service like this. Now that we can, I am so grateful because it is high quality meat at a more affordable price than most stores and it gets delivered to my front door. In my opinion, this is the very best option to get different cuts of high quality meat and seafood in one place. I don’t have to shop around to find what I am looking for and I can get it at a good price. I also want to mention that the taste of ButcherBox meat and seafood is incredible. It is a noticeable difference from what you can find in the stores.

Can You Cancel?

Yes, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time without any penalty or fees! You also get to set your own delivery schedule and can change it at any time (as long as the box isn’t already processing). I change my schedule all the time depending on what that month looks like for us.

How is it Shipped?

ButcherBox freezes the meat and seafood and ships in an eco-friendly insulated box that gets sent right to your door. PS shipping is free. The meat is delivered in a timeline to keep in in the optimal temperature range (mine is always very frozen). I will say one of the issues I have occasionally is that there is sometimes a leak when I defrost in the fridge, so I always defrost my meat in an open glass container just to be safe.

Recipes Using ButcherBox:

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  1. Great review! We have been enjoying our Butcher Box deliveries for 6 months now and I agree with everything you said.

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