Hamama Grow Kit Review


I love micro greens, they are such a delicious and fun way to add a boost of nutrients to almost any meal. So when Hamama offered to send me a home grow kit, I was so excited. This is my honest review of that kit. Enjoy!

close up photo of broccoli micro greens in a white ceramic container with the word Hamama on it

You can buy your own Hamama Grow Kit HERE, use code HAMAMA15 to save 15%.

The grow kit that I choose includes this beautiful white ceramic container that can be used over and over again to grow your micro greens. The whole process is super simple.

  1. Add water to the fill line in the ceramic container
  2. Remove the white packaging on the seed quilt and submerge in the water for 10 seconds
  3. That’s it! Leave it alone and you will have gorgeous micro greens to harvest in 7-10 days

This Hamama Grow Kit truly is fool proof. The micro greens can grow in any light conditions and once the seed quilt is in the water, you don’t have to do any work. My kids absolutely loved doing this with me and would check on the sprouts daily. It was fun for the whole family.

Since having weight loss surgery, it can be difficult for me to get in the nutrients I need from food. Adding fresh micro greens on top of my meals helps give me a boost of nutrition in every bite. I love to add them on top of chicken or tuna salad, eggs, avocado toast and so much more.

fresh micro green sprouts on top of chicken salad. there is a glass of water with a lemon in it next to the plate.

You can buy your own Hamama Grow Kit HERE, use code HAMAMA15 to save 15%.

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